//How to Raise Your Game to Get the Job You Want

How to Raise Your Game to Get the Job You Want

Alan Stein Jr., top basketball trainer turned performance coach, provides insights into how to transition from one role to another.

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Most of us have experienced a performance gap, a difference between what we know and what we do. In this video, Alan Stein Jr., a performance coach, consultant, speaker and author who rose to prominence as a trainer to world-class basketball players such as NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant, discusses strategies to help you “raise your game” and succeed as part of a team. Learn to make a transition from your current role to the role you want, with strategies such as immediate action and active listening.

Stein’s journey, working with basketball players and teaching positive mindsets to companies worldwide, has given him insights into tools that will help anyone become an all-star. He emphasizes the importance of committing to excelling at “the basics” and practicing accountability in order to raise your game. Learn more about Stein and his upcoming book here.

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