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UK Dividend Paying Companies

The markets are behaving like…the Market! The stock market is just like that and that’s what makes it profitable for traders – daily or institutional. While the market is having a mind of its own, a close friend asked what she can do with the cash in her savings account.

First, I was shocked she had not been taking risks with her money. Why? It is more risky not taking a risk. I tried to explain that now may be a great time to jump into the market, howbeit with some research but the market news was not helping matters.

So my quest to help this lovely soul brought me to this Proactive investor article – Investment trusts 101 – who are the London-listed dividend heroes?

Caveat: I am not connected to Proactive Investors in any way – at least at the time of writing this post

I could not believe I had missed these companies paying real dividends regularly. In fact, some have done as consistently over 10 – 30 years!

While it is great find those 10X growth stocks, dividend paying stocks gives you the motivation to do invest regularly and brings you closer to working less and earning more.

Imagine your monthly dividend payment is £300 (that’s a lot) but achievable over time, then you know you have a source of income irrespective of your job status.

A word for that young person reading this article, start as soon as possible – Warren Buffet started at age 12! He has been on a ride since.

So here’s the bottomline, research solid dividend paying stocks and go for it – here’s the big leap – every month! Even, it is just £100 every month, you will be amazed where you will be in 12 months and I can tell you once the dividends start rolling in, it will become your priority i.e. letting your money work for you.


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