//Two Reasons All Bitcoin Users Should Install a VPN Right Now

Two Reasons All Bitcoin Users Should Install a VPN Right Now

Keeping safe online is now a constant topic of discussion. It has become paramount to any consideration of what the internet is going to be like in the future and how to create an environment that fits Tim Berners Lee’s vision of the internet as an open and fun place for people to interact.

There have been so many recent and high profile breaches of cyber security that we have to start considering it could happen to even the most clued up technology loving people and prepare and adapt the way we use the internet in order to protect all of our data.

This mean actually doing things rather than just saying, ‘oh that only happens to elderly people who have no idea what they are doing online.’ You can invest all you want in the latest and greatest bitcoin mining hardware but if you lose your data by making a silly mistake then all the bitcoin the world isn’t going to help you.

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One of the best ways to ensure that your data and information is kept as safe as possible is to use a VPN whenever you go online and you can install one across your devices. It can be hard to find the best VPN as there are so many options out there.There are a number of detailed, and more importantly objective, guides out there like this NordVPN review which can help you identify the right VPN for your computing and security needs.

VPN stands for virtual private network and in essence it can create a network, within a network, that acts as bubble to keep your browsing session separate from others. If I haven’t already convinced you about the wonders of a VPN then here are two reasons you, as a bitcoin user, should install one right now!

They Keep You Safe On Public Wifi

Sometimes you have to use wifi when you are away from your home network and your office but still need to get connected. This means going to a coffee shop or a restaurant where they offer wifi for the public. These networks, while ultra-convenient, are very unsafe and usually targets for online thieves looking to get some of your private info.

With so much important bitcoin related data it’s vital to keep it safe and out of the hands of people who want to steal it.This is where a VPN comes in, it creates your own little space within a public network that is totally private. It takes you out of the public milieu and gives you a VIP spot where your browsing experience and your data is well guarded.

bitcoin safe online

VPN’s Allow You To Travel The World Without Moving

If you are bitcoin mining and you want to ensure that your IP isn’t too fixed and easy to read in one single place then a VPN is the best way to ensure you IP travels and you are not caught in one spot. You can change the country your session is being conducted in and this allows you to connect to sites that might otherwise be location locked. This is also a bonus for anyone looking to check out other geolocked programs like Netflix or BBC iPlayer.

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