//Return For Spondoolies

Return For Spondoolies

If you have been in the mining market for a few years then you will recognise the name Spondoolies, they shut down mining operations in 2016 but now look to be making a return, although its with an ASIC miner that is a little bit expensive and would be a huge gamble

They have announced the fastest Dash miner on the market which will mine at an impressive 540GHs and use a staggering 4.4Kw of energy. With the price of the miner starting at $15500 it is a huge investment which I would not be confident on seeing a return on. I ran the calculator with my energy costs and it said I would be minus yes minus $32 a day….. Maybe I am calculating it wrong

System Performance

Efficiency: 8.1 J/Gh/s
Hash rate: 540 GH/s (+/- 10% at 25 °C)
Operating temperature: 5-35 °C
Power: 4,400W


Box: 640 X 525 X 185 mm
Gross Weight: 19.5 kg
With PSU handles: 595 x 434 x 88 mm
Without handles: 560 x 434 x 88mm

Official page here https://www.spondoolies-tech.com/products/spx36

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