//Powerhouse Network Report CRAZY Polaris Coin Buying

Powerhouse Network Report CRAZY Polaris Coin Buying

This morning there are reports people are buying PowerHouse’s Polaris coin like wild things. Even last night there were commitments to purchase thousands of the Polaris coin.

Powerhouse network includes a mining farm with Altcoins, Bitcoin and Etherium, a referral system and an excellent support network through their Facebook page.

I hate to say this, but I’m actually excited about this one – and that takes a lot, 99% of the things I test for this site are scams, without fail. So when you find a 1% that’s great.

“Nothing is Free”

With PowerHouse, they do not give out anything for free, like Genesis Mining that has been around a long time. If you give away free mining hashpower it has to reduce the amount of profit given to those who actually pay, as the capital cost is higher, especially since there are a whole lot of people out there who think that 100GH will make them a fortune. You need more like 10,000 GH if mining Bitcoin.

Only have a small investment?

I suggest if you only have a small investment to go for a split with Altcoins ($2.50 a share) and ICO coin, then when you get paid in commissions, re-invest it back into your account to get more shares in the farm, note that you can also invite others and Powerhouse will pay a commission to you.

Just to quote an excerpt from the proposal document:-

Pre – sale: The initial token sale, which will start on November 10, 2017, will be exclusively open to the customers of the Powerhouse Network and its services. The price of 1 Polaris Token during the pre – sale per iod is $0.2 USD.

The main token sale: Will follow the pre – sale, and will increase the price of the tokens offered for sale by $0.05 ever y 6 weeks, until it reaches $0.5 which will be the highest price the token will be sold for in the main token sale.

So what that means basically is that let’s say you joined today and bought 100 coins. That’s going to cost you $20.00 (0.2 x 100) when it finishes it will be worth $0.5 (i.e. when they stop producing more tokens). So your $20 is now worth $50.00. Quite a tidy profit – but that’s not all, don’t forget that once the tokens are all created the price will rise with demand because there are no new tokens coming along. So what I like here is that you can do Bitcoin Mining/Altcoin Mining and take part in the Polaris coin.

Here’s the full white paper! Enjoy: Polaris Whitepaper final copy

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