//Innosilicon T2 Turbo +32T Review – Dead On Arrival?

Innosilicon T2 Turbo +32T Review – Dead On Arrival?

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Not long ago, Innosilicon announced a new SHA-256 ASIC that features unmatched mining hashrate and performance. Knowing how saturated the Bitcoin network is with miners, Innosilicon had to come up with something really revolutionary for people to buy it. Have they succeeded?

Meet the T2 Turbo+32T

Innosilicon’s T2 Turbo+32T is an overhaul of their T2 Turbo+24T. Not only the new model comes with more chips, those are also underclocked, which gives them better power efficiency. Based on the same 10nm technology, the T2 Turbo+32T features unmatched power efficiency of only 68W/Th. This is 20% better than the T2 Turbo+24T offers.

The T2 Turbo+32T is only 15% more expensive than the +24T model and it features 33% higher hashrate and 20% better power efficiency. It is obvious that the +24T is now obsolete and should not be purchased unless Innosilicon adjusts its price.

The new miner features two power modes – Low and Turbo. On low power mode, the miner hashes 32 TH/s with an energy consumption of 2200 W. When switched to high performance mode, the miner can get up to 36 TH/s with an increased power consumption and extra cooling requirements.

Because of the high power consumpion, the ASIC requires thicker cables: minimum specification requirements are 3*1.5 – it must have 3 wire cores with diameter at least 1.5 mm. The PSU is included in the package but the cables are not.

T2 Turbo +32T Specs

  • Hashrate: 32TH/s (+/-5%)
  • Efficiency: 68 W/THs
  • Price: 1568 USD
  • Power Consumption: 2200W (+10%, normal mode, at the wall)
  • Ambient Temperature: 0-40° (device junction temperature)
  • Network Connection: Ethernet

Innosilicon T2 Turbo +32T Mining Profitability

As for today, the miner generates 0.0338 BTC a month. With free electricity, you break even in 6 months (or in around a year if we consider the network difficulty growth). With turbo mode on, you can get up to 0.03781 BTC a month and break even about one month earlier.

Now, if you gotta pay 0.12 $/Kwh, it will take your miner two years and a half to break even. This calculation is not taking difficulty growth into account. Bitmain, among others, announced that they are working on 7nm ASICs that are expected to be better performers than 10nm ones. This is why personally I do expect serious difficulty bombs dropping in the near future.

As the title of this article suggests, the T2 Turbo +32T is pretty much useless for those of us who do not have free electricity.

As always, when buying an ASIC we should always take into account the natural network difficulty growth. A good scenario is when you receive an ASIC that has insane profitability. It mines like that for one month, after which its profitability descends to a normal level. In 8-12 months, it profitability might slowly get to a place where it can only pay for the electricity it consumes. At this point though, you should have had your money back with a little extra.

In Conclusion

I would say, the T2Turbo +32T was designed for mining farms rather than for home miners. There are many reasons for that: (a) the high power consumption of the miner (b) the low profitability if electricity is not free (c) the turbo mode that requires the miner to be situated in a very well ventilated and cooled place.

Overall, the T2Turbo +32T might be a great investment for a mining farm – with free electricity, you might get your money back in less than a year, especially when using the turbo mode.

Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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