//Essential Facts About Dogecoin

Essential Facts About Dogecoin

facts about dogecoin

Dogecoin is one example of a cryptocurrency which was founded by a programmer in Portland named Billy Markus.

The usage of this currency simply began based on a meme joke in which an Adobe System’s member named Jackson Palmer was requested by a pupil to make the idea of Dogecoin into a reality. So Palmer immediately went ahead and bought the Dogecoin domain then constructed a very appealing website.

One month a half later, when the currency has been released globally, it immediately became third of the most valuable Altcoin having a market cap equivalent to 53 million USD.

Even though it appears to very complex to grasp how this currency works, several resources are available that can be utilized to your own advantage.

Studies has presented that several people who usually visits the website are using the coins as well. The major reason however why a lot of people are going through the website by utilizing this currency is because they want to fully understand how this currency works through original experience.

A lot of people who makes use of this currency are college students and gamers. These people utilize the currency to send some money to their buddies or use it to play game. What makes receiving Dogecoins very exciting to most people is that it is very satisfying.

The reason is simply because upon receiving it, it looks like you have acquired an ample amount of money. Such as, when you’re given an amount of 500 Dogecoins, you’ll see it as if you were able to gain that big amount of money which makes your self-esteem grow. These advantages contributed to Dogecoin’s prominence and its utilization greatly increased as well.

This currency also played a massive part socially in which it has been utilized in fund raising for worthy and importance causes. Example of such situations is when this currency was able to help in raising an amount of more than 3000 USD which was utilized in funding the bobsled team of Jamaica for them to go to Sochi Winter Olympics.

Subsequently, this currency also played a major part in raising 25000 USD which was utilized to help the children with disabilities. A lot of many other initiatives in place are available which mainly aim in making a huge difference in our society.

Even though this currency was a success, it also went through a couple of setbacks. One of which is where the India’s reserve bank warned users of Dogecoin from using this currency because of the risks that came with it. Because of that warning initiated by the bank, a lot of people chose to halt in using the currency.

One setback that also happened was the 2013 theft in which coins amounting to millions were taken during an attempt of hacking. Since that event, a lot of people have chosen to very cautious in using this currency.

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