//Dua Lipa’s Ass in a Bikini of the Day

Dua Lipa’s Ass in a Bikini of the Day

In the event that you’re losing your mind in lockdown due to COVID…I mean maybe you are one of the people who lost their job…we can’t all be billionaires who monetize off this shit..whether it’s bitcoin, the stock market crash then boom, or what I guess is also a housing boom as prices keep going up and up while people are supposed to be broke as fuck…and eating each other in the streets to survive….

If you’re going crazy, debating suicide, drinking and doing drugs to entertain yourself because you’ve been forced into your 500 square foot shitty apartment with nothing to do..

If your Christmas was cancelled all over a VIRUS…the invisible threat…that keeps families apart…

You’ll be glad to know DUA LIPA, a Youtube singer with a legitimate career thanks to Youtube…who has sex with the HADID brother…because they are “It people” who need to fuck other “It people” in order to stay “It people”….despite 99% of people off instagram having no idea who she is…

You’ll be glad to know she’s in Mexico getting her tan on, along with all the other celebs in Mexico getting their tan on, since COVID doesn’t fuck with the RICH…it’s one of those viruses that is selective…like AIDS…

Here’s that ass..that the internet doesn’t CANCEL for being on vacation and living a better life than them…but are too busy cancelling everything else…like rape jokes…when rape jokes are actually funny….the world is nutty and COVID is clearly a REAL threat to all…LOL

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