//A new dawn for Bitcoin Mining!

A new dawn for Bitcoin Mining!

We’re thrilled to announce the relaunch of our Bitcoin Sha256 Cloud Mining Services!The past months have been very busy, even though we were sold out. We did not rest of course. Instead we focused on…

  • building new large-scale data centers with a lot of technical improvements and efficiency optimizations (Read about the new “GM Radiant” technology below in the FAQ)
  • resolving our IT and services request backlogs
  • working towards a modernized and more efficient service offer

We are now in the final stages of solving all outstanding payout issues; most of the affected users have now received all mining rewards in their wallets. If for some reason you have not received your rewards, please contact our customer service. Once again, we thank you for your patience and trust in us.
After a lot of intense work behind the curtains, it is great to finally step into the spotlight again with the most attractive cloud mining offering to date. We are able to offer such terms by increasing our efficiency and, in turn, reducing our maintenance costs substantially. We are determined to offer the most competitive and reliable service offering that beats all competitors on the market.

The specs for the new Bitcoin mining hashpower speaks for itself:


  • 5 year runtime (That’s 60 months of mining!)
  • 50% Reduced maintenance fee (Only 0.14 USD per THs per day!)
  • No pre-sale — mining goes live as soon as you purchased!
  • Reduced minimum transaction thresholds (Controlled by user!)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Mining available natively
  • No termination by maintenance fees (See the FAQ below)
  • This offer is temporarily not available for US customers (See the FAQ below)



The offer is limited, and very attractive, so grab your hashpower now!

Got questions? Check out the FAQ:


What is the new “GM Radiant” technology and in what way does it improve the performance efficiency for the users? 
Due to new optimizations on several layers including infrastructure and datacenter build outs we were able to reduce the maintenance fee to as low as 0.14 USD per THs per day for all new mining capacities. Among many others these optimizations are:

  • More efficient electric infrastructure like improved PSUs and PDUs as well as new DC layout designs
  • Better cooling efficiency by optimized airflow design. Lower average temperature and more stable cooling conditions make the chips run at higher efficiency
  • Improved Genesis Hive functionality, performance and automation routines

The GM Radiant technology consists of all those benefits which are given directly to the users. This sets a new standard in the market and lets users mine at a new performance level even if price and difficulty conditions are challenging.
What does continuous Mining mean?
Your mining services will run for 5 years, period – even in cases where your daily mining output falls below the Maintenance Fees. This way, you will always have the potential to produce cryptocurrencies as market conditions improve.
You were sold out for more than six months, what happens to my affiliate rank?
Great news for you! Your rank will reset to the state of the last sale. We know that since we’ve been sold out you hadn’t had the chance to tend to it, so we think that’s only fair!

When can US Customers sign up?
We intend to make our Cloud Services available to US clients in the near future. In coordination with our legal and compliance teams, we are in the process of setting up new US distributions for our Cloud Services.
You can check our stance on the matter here.


To the moon!

– Your Genesis Mining Team

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