//Vilnius University Kaunas Faculty and SpectroCoin are Now Social Partners

Vilnius University Kaunas Faculty and SpectroCoin are Now Social Partners

SpectroCoin and Vilnius University Kaunas Faculty are happy to announce a cross-sector partnership centered around a new Master’s Degree Program in Financial Technology (FinTech) which is being launched this year.

Vilnius University Kaunas Faculty and SpectroCoin are Now Social Partners

To support the new program, SpectroCoin and Vilnius University are joining their efforts in a new partnership that is aimed to fill gaps in the current market. In addition, the organizations are looking into bringing more value via collaborative work in raising the new generation of FinTech specialists.

What the FinTech study program is all about

Vilnius University FinTech study program is designed to equip the future specialists with necessary theory and practical know-how. Eventually, the students would be able to leverage the dynamics of financial technologies, thus having a complete skills set to kick-start their career in the field.

Another key goal of the SpectroCoin Vilnius University partnership is to empower senior and chief specialists to apply the obtained knowledge of financial instruments, advanced information and communication technologies in their work.

Ultimately, graduates will be able to work in next-generation companies, like SpectroCoin and take part in fast-track processes of the modern finance industry. The new Vilnius University program is designed to train specialists that can work in centralized and decentralized e-markets, banking, investment insurance sectors and organizations operating in state and private sectors. You can find out more information about the FinTech study program here.

The partnership between FinTech industry and academia

At SpectroCoin, we see this collaboration as a great opportunity to share our extensive experience in financial technologies gathered through more than five years in the market. We also support the growth of new FinTech specialists together with the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania, University of Tartu, University of Copenhagen, PayAlly Limited (JK) and other social partners of the university. Hurry up and send your application for open spots in the program! Applications can be submitted on July 16-24.

We strongly believe that the collaboration with Vilnius University Kaunas Faculty will allow us to continue building our team of professionals in the sphere of financial technologies. If you are up for the challenge and would like to join one of the leading market players in Lithuania and globally, find our vacancies at SpectroCoin careers.

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