//SpectroCoin joins ICT industry giant – Infobalt

SpectroCoin joins ICT industry giant – Infobalt

We are delighted to announce that on the 2nd of July of 2018, SpectroCoin became a full member of Infobalt. The Infobalt Association is recognized as the biggest and the main contact point between Lithuanian business associations and government organizations dealing with Blockchain initiatives. At the moment, the Infobalt Association unites more than 160 members from the Information and Communication (ICT) industry.

SpectroCoin is now a full member of Infobalt

Infobalt – Voice of the Lithuanian ICT sector

Infobalt was founded in 1994. During the years, it became a well-known and respected voice, representing the Lithuanian ICT sector among national and global businesses, government institutions, universities, research centres and education platforms. Currently, Infobalt unites ICT companies – more than 10,000 employees in total, and is a member of two major international organizations:

  • DIGITALEUROPE – representative of the European information and digital technology industry, uniting the world’s largest IT, Telecom and Consumer Electronics companies, and national associations from all around Europe. DIGITALEUROPE proactively engages in trade, technical, digital economy and regulatory areas.
  • WITSA (the World Information Technology and Services Alliance) – leading consortium of the ICT industry, representing more than 90% of the world’s ICT market. WITSA is actively promoting and advocating international policies which help to advance the industry’s growth and development.

On a local basis, Infobalt facilitates a variety of events, seminars, business projects, and initiatives in order to provide information about the ICT sector to the society. The Association covers activities that range from solving strategic issues, developing the market for ICT products and services, to offering consultancy to legislators and lawmakers on a national scale.

Viva the FinTech

In the past few years, Infobalt has recognized FinTech as a driving force of the Lithuanian economic growth. Thus, it brought the major Lithuanian FinTech players into one place – FINTECH Lithuania. The members of FINTECH Lithuania are engaged in public dialogues with relevant government institutions, such as the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Lithuania, as well as various international organizations, in order to represent the Lithuanian FinTech industry, create favorable financial regulations and appealing opportunities for FinTech businesses. SpectroCoin, among other members, will take part in initiating the development of regulations, in solving FinTech industry issues, and in providing the latest information and ideas for the blockchain technology implementation in Lithuania.

As a member of the ecosystem, SpectroCoin gains the opportunity to expand its network by establishing new value-adding partnerships or even by creating joint projects with other members of the FinTech community. This also opens SpectroCoin’s access to consultations on EU and Lithuanian legal regulations, as well as provides a chance to participate in conferences and events, organize researches and promote its brand on a bigger scale.

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