//Product Update: Q2 2018

Product Update: Q2 2018


With summer’s arrival, banks now have their fair share of holidays, but (lucky for us) the crypto space is open and active 365 days a year. Before heading off on your summer vacation, catch up on this short-but-sweet collection of product updates from the last quarter, plus we revisit milestones and exciting steps forward.

What’s new in Q2 2018?

  • Bitcoin cash joins bitcoin and ether on iOS
  • On web, total spendable balance no longer includes watch-only balances
  • European users can once again set up recurring bitcoin orders
  • Our 25 million wallet milestone
  • Announcing blockchain.info migration to blockchain.com

Bitcoin Cash Comes to iOS

As part of our mission to make digital currency more easily accessible, the same bitcoin cash functionality released to web and Android users is now also available on iOS. iOS users can now send, request, and exchange bitcoin cash, safely manage their balance, and monitor the bitcoin cash market price from one central place.

Watch-Only Balances vs Your Total Spendable Balance

As a way to more easily differentiate between your wallet’s spendable and non-spendable balance, we released an update for our web users so watch-only balances will no longer show in your total balance. To view them you can go to Settings -> Addresses. Mobile users should see this feature rolled out in the near future.

In case you’re unfamiliar with what “watch-only” means, it refers to the bitcoin or bitcoin cash address import feature in our wallet designed for monitoring purposes only. Conveniently, users are able to keep an eye on the balance and activity of virtually any bitcoin or bitcoin cash address from within their wallet. It’s important to remember, however, that watch-only balances are not imported with their corresponding private key and therefore aren’t spendable on their own.

Recurring Buy Returns

Mentioned in our Support Team’s latest monthly update, our recurring buy feature made its anticipated return this quarter. The re-launch incorporated user feedback to help make it easier to avoid unknowingly setting up a recurring order when intending to place a one-time order. Available to our European users, the feature makes it easier to acquire bitcoin little-by-little with automatic regularly occurring orders.

Reaching 25 Million Wallets and Beyond

It wouldn’t be a proper product update if we didn’t recap our 25 million wallet milestone, which we celebrated this quarter. When Blockchain initially launched, our vision was to make it easier for anyone to learn about and study the Bitcoin ecosystem. Since then we’re proud to have built a strong and safe growing community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Thanks to your trust and support, we get to continue driving innovation forward.

Blockchain.info’s Moving Domains

As you may have heard, we recently announced our decision to consolidate blockchain.info into blockchain.com. The site migration took place late last week, and our support team @AskBlockchain kept users in the loop throughout the process. Going forward, users will only need to visit one destination, instead of two, for all their crypto needs. Have questions about the move? Here’s what you need to know.

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