//Fire Lotto: Blockchain-Based Lottery Platform Announces Its Next Jackpot Win

Fire Lotto: Blockchain-Based Lottery Platform Announces Its Next Jackpot Win

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Fire Lotto, the world’s first truly decentralised lottery platform, today announced that its next jackpot is likely to be won any minute from now. During the announcement, the firm reiterated that the jackpot in this lottery has already been won four times. Moreover, the winners have long received their money. Fire Lotto runs a 4×20 lottery on a blockchain platform.

Announcing the imminent win, Fire Lotto CEO said

“From a mathematical viewpoint, the probability of winning the jackpot in the 4×20 lottery is 1:4,845. Currently, 23,758 tickets have already been sold. Therefore, working on a rough estimation based on the tickets sold rather than the number of unique combinations available, it is clear that the next jackpot will be won any time before 24,225 tickets are sold.”

The size of the Fire Lotto jackpot is essential when compared to the cost of the ticket. Fire Lotto players wishing to win the prize should know that the expected payoff is 0.003 * 4,845 = ETH 14.535. And, this does not include payouts for those players who matched two or three numbers. Clearly, the next jackpot will soon scale to above ETH 11! For a 4×20 lottery, this is incredible. And, this could happen even tomorrow! Given the 1 in 4,845 chance to hit the jackpot, the players pay less for a ticket than what they receive.  

Mathematically, it is a proven fact that 4×20 lottery is favorable for a player who pays ETH 0.003 ($0.6) for the chance to win, for example, ETH 15 ($3,000). Since Fire Lotto blockchain lottery relies on Ethereum smart contracts, players can always be guaranteed of fair play, instant payments to players, and anonymity granted to winners. Play, win, and make your dreams come true!

About Fire Lotto

FireLotto.io is the world’s first truly decentralised lottery platform based on Ethereum blockchain and managed by smart contracts. Fire Lotto provides two types of the lottery: a draw lottery and an instant win. The lottery platform features a licensed crypto exchange with a user-friendly interface to allow users to buy lottery tickets with fiat and cryptocurrency.

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