//Exploring Crypto Just Got Easier

Exploring Crypto Just Got Easier

Welcoming ETH to the most popular and trusted block explorer

The tenth anniversary of the bitcoin whitepaper is coming up and we’re a bit nostalgic. When we first started out in crypto, we wanted to solve a critical issue – creating a simple way to see what was happening in the bitcoin ecosystem. Our first product was a bitcoin explorer that allowed everyone the ability to find detailed information on transactions, mined blocks, and statistics across the entire network. Since then, the explorer has provided users around the world direct access to the block chain and has become the most trusted source for bitcoin data.

Today, almost 7 years to the date, we’re excited to continue to give users more control with the addition of Ethereum which puts ETH data right at your fingertips. We’re also giving the explorer a fresh new look and streamlining the way users interact with the data. Now you can view top network statistics, watch real-time incoming transactions, search for blocks, addresses, or transactions, and more all from one place.

Whether you’re a wallet user who wants to find more information about your addresses and transactions, a researcher looking for data on the health of the networks, or a crypto enthusiast who wants to make informed trading and transaction decisions – the explorer has all your data needs covered. So go ahead and dive deep into the new Ethereum explorer or check out your bitcoin favorites from the same place you always have.

Keep an eye out for future updates! As more protocols and assets emerge, we’ll be expanding the explorer functionality to support the growing ecosystem.

The Explorer through the years:

The Original Bitcoin Explorer circa October 2011


Who remembers our old logo?

We continued to evolve…

Now our new look

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