//A Big Thanks to Recent Translators

A Big Thanks to Recent Translators

Acknowledging Recent Translators

A Big Thanks to Recent Translation Volunteers

Thanks to a sponsorship from Paxful,
the following volunteer translators who have been the most active contributors
in recent months are being given bitcoin for their efforts:

  • Abegi
  • FrancescoGalati
  • JurgenH
  • Kasvain
  • Komodorpudel
  • Kruell233
  • MedMus
  • Rasakila
  • Thalesfcastro
  • Vinifire
  • YummyPT
  • alanst
  • alexandra.cg15
  • bernat
  • buren
  • chrisper
  • cocoklogi
  • crynvestor
  • dalovar
  • def1ne
  • echo4py
  • enriquecartagena
  • excess
  • fjrojasgarcia
  • hzxswyg
  • icarius
  • isty98
  • karin.garri
  • klicman
  • learningis1st
  • luggi5711
  • manuelarodsilva
  • mariofgf14
  • mateusnds
  • mjglqw
  • mreza73
  • natsam
  • nedved
  • paolobaz
  • peto.juhasz
  • pryds
  • quellobiondo
  • rodlin
  • simonLimon
  • sitthykun
  • trior
  • vit05
  • Василий33

A big thanks goes to these volunteers. Their work behind the scenes shouldn’t
go unnoticed, and we dedicate this blog post to recognizing them.

Each month, more and more people all around the world are hearing, reading and
learning more about Bitcoin. Seeing a business with a “Bitcoin accepted here”
sign may not be something rare for some of us anymore… but it still is for
many in a lot of places. Even though Bitcoin adoption is spreading like
wildfire, we haven’t even scratched the surface of what could be possible. In
order for knowledge to spread, information has to be freed to transmit easily
from person to person, across borders, across languages, between cultures,
philosophies, religions and ideologies. Some people say we are all Satoshi,
now. For that to ring true, we must find our voice to speak, spread and support
Bitcoin as one.

There have been tens of millions of visitors to Bitcoin.org this year alone.
About half of them speak English. The rest are millions of visitors
speaking all kinds of other languages from across the globe. For them, we rely
on volunteer translators – like the above individuals – people who translate
Bitcoin.org into their own native languages so that when people who speak them
come to Bitcoin.org, the site displays by default in their own native tongue.

There are currently 70 languages in various states of translation, 27 of which
have reached states of completion that have enabled them to be added to
Bitcoin.org. In addition, earlier this year, the developer documentation was
ported so that it could also start to be translated into other languages. It’s
important that we provide a way to help a new generation of Bitcoin developers
in non English-speaking countries learn more about Bitcoin on a technical
level, to help foster the development of new products and services, for the
people in their communities who are already interested in using it.

As one of the most visited Bitcoin websites, translating Bitcoin.org is a great
way to help Bitcoin continue to spread.

If you want to be like one of the people above and join the effort, learn how to get started.

A special thanks also goes to Simon AKA “Komodorpudel” who has spent a lot of
time co-organizing various translation-related efforts. Thank you, Simon. Lastly,
but not least, to Transifex, for graciously providing
enterprise-grade localization services to support Bitcoin.org.

Software Engineer interested in the power of the Internet to leverage human activities including Money management, growth and trading.