//Bitcoin $6692.560 – CryptoCurrency Trading Report – 24.09.2018 00:07

Bitcoin $6692.560 – CryptoCurrency Trading Report – 24.09.2018 00:07

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These are the changes of the CryptoCurrency market in the last one hour.

Bitcoin is now leading the rank on the most popular digital currency in the trade market. It has an increase of 0.05% in its exchange rate from 6689.215 dollars now at 6692.560 dollars. BitcoinTether is next to the leading crypto Bitcoin, it has a change of 0.19% rise in the last one hour from 0.996 dollars trading value in the market to 0.998 dollars. TetherThird on the list is Ethereum. Sixty minutes ago, it has a rise of 0.42% in its trading price from 243.012 dollars now 244.033 dollars. EthereumOur fourth place holder on the popular digital currency is XRP, a downfall of -0.4% was reported making its current to 0.569 dollars from 0.572 dollars in the last hour. XRPTop five on the list is claimed by EOS, it has a standing value of 6.006 dollars, this was after a -0.59% tumble in the crypto-exchange market from 6.041dollars. EOSThe sixth position is Bitcoin Cash, with a -0.54% decrease in its value in the exchange market, which means from 489.580 dollars now 486.936 dollars. Bitcoin Cash

The biggest stock raisings of the last one hour are:

  1. Vulcano [OLD]414.22%: rose from 0.00234 dollars to 0.0120 dollars.
  2. Escroco139.06%: increased from 0.00835 dollars to 0.0200 dollars.
  3. Nekonium66.39%: is standing by 0.0020075 dollars after the previous 0.00334 dollars rates.
  4. GulfCoin62.8%: according to the 0.00193 dollars from earlier it is going up to 0.00315 dollars.

The biggest share falls of the last one hour are:

  1. Opus-50.1%: rose from 0.0134 dollars to 0.00668 dollars.
  2. Ccore-48.34%: increased from 0.139 dollars to 0.0720 dollars.
  3. Target Coin-33.46%: is standing by 0.0020076 dollars after the previous 0.00134 dollars rates.
  4. Tigereum-27.73%: according to the 0.0458 dollars from earlier it is going up to 0.0331 dollars.

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Date: 24. September 2018 12:07 AM (GMT)

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