//Litecoin Price Explodes in 2016 with 47% profit

Litecoin Price Explodes in 2016 with 47% profit

Its been a long while folks but I’m back. You will be glad to hear that I haven’t sold a single Litecoin since this blog started. I still hold a long term bull position when it comes to LTC. I’m willing to risk all my coins as I am 100% certain there will be some big gains ahead. I still run a few P2Pool mining pools as they are relatively hands off. If you are looking to mine some coins then why not point your miners at litecoinp2pool.com to join our team.

Unfortunately my days of building GPU Litecoin mining servers are over. When the ASIC’s hit the market the GPU mining business was over. This will happen in technology no matter where you invest your money. Technology moves way too fast.

You may not of noticed that the price of Litecoin has started to surge as of the end of April 2016 and LTC continues to climb as of today 10th June 2016.

Back on 1st April the Litecoin price was $3.25. Just over 3 months later and the price now stands at $4.79. This is a profit of over 47% in three months. How many stocks and shares would allow this kind of return?…

These are exciting times for Litecoin. The second most popular ALT coins price has remained a lot more stable than it’s fellow pump and dump coins.

I believe that Litecoin will break through the five dollar barrier this year and beyond. If you haven’t invested in Litecoin yet then I think its a good time to enter the market.

Now you may ask me what if you aren’t sure how to invest and not very technically minded? The easiest way for you to start would be to purchase Litecoin on an exchange like btc-e.com or directly from sellers on Ebay. Just make sure you get yourself a Litecoin Wallet (effectively a digital wallet) first over at litecoin.org. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line.

What do you folks think?  Will we be breaking the $5 barrier this year and head towards $10 for 2017?

litecoin price 2016

Litecoin Price 2016 – LTC/USD  – 47% profit in the last 3 months

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