//Litecoin explodes climbing over 20% in 24 hours. Litecoin the future of Crypto

Litecoin explodes climbing over 20% in 24 hours. Litecoin the future of Crypto

It’s been a while folks but here we are. Only a couple of dollars away from hitting $200 a coin. Time to bring out the champagne and congratulate yourself all you long term LTC HODLers.

Bitcoin has surged after going LIVE with Futures trading but this is nothing in comparison to Litecoin. Bitcoin is only up 6.8% currently with Litecoin at 24.5%.

Litecoin is a faster established coin with lower transaction rates. Recently Steam has dropped Bitcoin as a payment for purchasing games owing to the extremely high transaction fees. Litecoin would be the natural replacement so hopefully we will see this over the next few months.

Litecoin has also performed an Atomic Swap on the Lightning network recently on testnet with a direct conversion between Litecoin and Bitcoin without the need for a centralised exchange. There is also the possibility of atomic cross-chain transactions for example if a store only accepts BTC. You can pay LTC and exchange them instantly through a LN exchange node and send BTC to the merchant. This is massive news and will mean there will no longer be a reliance on exchanges to transfer crypto between coins. The future is trustless cryptocurrency exchanges.

Charlie Lee made an appearance today on CNBC Squawk Box

Finally people are starting to take notice of Litecoin. Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if Litecoin becomes the new Bitcoin. There are risks now with Bitcoin being on the Futures exchange along with slow transactions and extremely high transaction fees.

The future is Litecoin. These are still early days and there is still potential for LTC to grow to thousands of dollars.

Personally I will  be  buying and HODLing and accumulating Litecoin.




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