//Crypto coins to mine with the highest profitability in 2016

Crypto coins to mine with the highest profitability in 2016

If you aren’t sure which coins to mine then it can be a difficult process carrying out the required research to find the largest profit margins.

Thankfully there are already websites available that simplify the selection process. First you need to establish whether you are mining with a GPU or ASIC’s device.

Then head over to whattomine.com and then select GPU or ASICS link from the top of the page. You will instantly be presented with the crypto coins with the highest profitability in realtime.

Now once you have mined your coins you may want to convert your cash back into a safer currency such as BTC or LTC. Well there are tools for this as well.

Check out Shapeshift a website that allows you to instantly convert your coins from one coin to another. I for example would generally move some of my profits back into LTC or BTC as I feel more comfortable with the stability of these currencies.

As of today the most profitable coins to mine by GPU are as follows


The most profitable coins to mine by ASIC are as follows


If you want to take the safe option like myself I suggest any profits you make from lesser known Alt coins are converted to safer currencies using a tool like shapeshift. Please do read the terms and conditions however for shapeshift as they do not guarantee you for any loss of funds from what I understand. They also do not allow access from New York. Not entirely sure why but worth reading the small print. At the moment Ethereum is a very popular coin of choice for GPU miners while Bitcoin is the winner for ASIC’s.



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