//#iamaminer. Rules of the flashmob.

#iamaminer. Rules of the flashmob.


Rules of the #iamaminer flashmob

General information

Our flashmob is dedicated to the miners, the people who scaffold the whole crypto industry. These days it seems the prevailing opinion regarding the mining industry is that the trader is king of the hill and the miner is just a kitchen boy. We want to show how wrong that is! Thousands of mining enthusiasts aren’t even concerned with profit, they do it out of a sincere belief in the technology and its usefulness to the world. MinerGate believes that these people are the unseen heroes of the crypto world and it is time for them to get their much deserved recognition.

Recently we took a poll, asking people about their mining experience, how they got started, and their aspirations. We’ve received several hundreds of emails in the first week, and this result inspired us to do a huge digital flashmob to let the miners around the world tell their stories.

About the flashmob

How the contest works

The #iamaminer flashmob is also a contest. We have two categories:

  • #mamaimaminer – answer the question, “why it is awesome to be a miner?” and win $1000 from MinerGate
  • #mememining – post an original funny meme about mining and win $500 from MinerGate

Each participant has to make a tweet and add three hashtags: the general #iamaminer hashtag, #MinerGate hashtag, and a nomination hashtag (#mamaimaminer or #mememining). Contestants can take part in both nominations as many times as they want, but they have to make individual posts each time.

Contestants are required to be in the MinerGate community in Twitter and make retweet of the embed tweet with the link to the rules.

In two weeks our jury board will review the results and reward winners.


The flashmob starts on October 15th and will last two weeks. The contest ends on Friday 26th at 5 pm GMT. Then the jury has two days to choose the winners in each category.

On Monday 29th at 12 am GMT, we will release the winners’ list on our socials and on the blog.


There will be only one winner in each category, although members of the jury can award special prizes if they want. One person cannot win in two categories at the same time – we have to have two individual winners.

Winners’ Pot

MinerGate will award $1000 to the winner of the #mamaimaminer category and $500 more to the winner of the #minethememe category. We also guarantee two weeks of fee-free mining to all participants.

Jury Members

There are people on #iamaminer jury council:

  • Claude Lecomte, CEO and founder of MinerGate, an established mining multi-pool with more than 3.5M miners worldwide and 11+ cryptocurrencies available.
  • Alvin Hagg, CEO and founder of Freewallet, a hosted digital currency wallet with 3M+ users and the third most popular online wallet for Android. Freewallet and MinerGate have an agreement for an off-chain.
  • CoinSpeaker team, the people, behind CoinSpeaker, a blockchain and crypto media outlet, providing news to an audience of nearly 500K people. CoinSpeaker is a media partner of MinerGate.
  • Max Hasselhoff, a representative for Bytecoin, a private decentralized cryptocurrency with 500K holders.
  • Letsdancemusic, a dedicated miner and moderator of the MinerGate Discord community. Recently Letsdancemusic took part in our ‘I am a miner’  poll and we were so impressed by his creativity that we asked him to represent the mining community in this flashmob contest.
  • King T, a visionary, IT Guru, crypto market analyst, and opinion leader.


MinerGate team wishes all contestants the best of luck!

Let’s make mining great again – together!

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