//Bitcoin $6709.780 – CryptoCurrency Trading Report – 24.09.2018 02:07

Bitcoin $6709.780 – CryptoCurrency Trading Report – 24.09.2018 02:07

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These changes have happened in the last hour.

Bitcoin was in the top position in the last hour, the exchange rate increases from 6689.711 dollars to 6709.780. This is a 0.3% recorded change. BitcoinBitcoin is followed by Tether, with a -0.07% tumble on its trade value in the last one hour, equivalent to 0.999 dollars from 0.999 dollars. TetherEthereum is in the third place on the most popular digital currency, with a increase of 0.49% in its value from 243.102 dollars 60 minutes ago now at 244.293 dollars. EthereumFourth of the most popular crypto-currency in the trading exchanges is XRP, in this case a change of 0.56% increase was also recorded in the last 60 minutes, from 0.568 dollars now at 0.571 dollars. XRPTop 5 on the list among the most popular crypto currency is EOS. It has 0.44% increase in the last one hour making it 5.987 dollars from its previous 5.961dollar value. EOSThe sixth position is Bitcoin Cash, with a 0.6% increase in its value in the exchange market, which means from 486.319 dollars now 489.237 dollars. Bitcoin Cash

The biggest stock raisings of the last one hour are:

  1. Vulcano [OLD]414.22%: rose from 0.00235 dollars to 0.0121 dollars.
  2. GulfCoin62.8%: increased from 0.00194 dollars to 0.00315 dollars.
  3. Stellite33.15%: is standing by 0.00020056 dollars after the previous 0.000267 dollars rates.
  4. XGOX32.34%: according to the 0.000134 dollars from earlier it is going up to 0.000178 dollars.

The biggest share falls of the last one hour are:

  1. iBTC-80.21%: rose from 0.0319 dollars to 0.00631 dollars.
  2. Wi Coin-49.897%: increased from 0.000268 dollars to 0.000134 dollars.
  3. Help The Homeless Coin-33.22%: is standing by 0.00020095 dollars after the previous 0.000134 dollars rates.
  4. NewsToken-32.11%: according to the 0.00327 dollars from earlier it is going up to 0.00222 dollars.

To be continued…

Date: 24. September 2018 02:07 AM (GMT)

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