//Bitcoin $6709.350 – CryptoCurrency Trading Report – 24.09.2018 03:07

Bitcoin $6709.350 – CryptoCurrency Trading Report – 24.09.2018 03:07

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Here we summon for you the changes of the market of CryptoCurrency from the last 60 minutes.

Bitcoin was in the top position in the last hour, the exchange rate decreases from 6710.021 dollars to 6709.350. This is a -0.01% recorded change. BitcoinTether is at the second position next to Bitcoin, with a recorded 0.11% rise of its value from 0.999 dollars up to 1.000 dollars in the last hour. TetherThird on the list is Ethereum, in the period of an hour, it has cut of -0.09% on its value, that means from 244.580 dollars rate now at 244.360 dollars. EthereumXRP is on the fourth place on our list of the most popular cryptocurrency in the crypto exchanges. It has a change of -0.02% decrease, which means from 0.572 dollars down to 0.572 dollars in the last one hour. XRPTop five on the list is claimed by EOS, it has a standing value of 5.978 dollars, this was after a -0.31% tumble in the crypto-exchange market from 5.997dollars. EOSBitcoin Cash is holding the sixth position on the most popular digital currency in the trading market, it has a -0.3% fall on its value from 489.657 dollars now at 488.188 dollars. Bitcoin Cash

The biggest stock raisings of the last one hour are:

  1. Vulcano [OLD]414.22%: rose from 0.00235 dollars to 0.0121 dollars.
  2. GoldMaxCoin99.96%: increased from 0.000067 dollars to 0.000134 dollars.
  3. Bitbase99.96%: is standing by 0.000134 dollars after the previous 0.000268 dollars rates.
  4. 133799.911%: according to the 0.000067 dollars from earlier it is going up to 0.000134 dollars.

The biggest share falls of the last one hour are:

  1. Crowd Machine-55.71%: rose from 0.00478 dollars to 0.00212 dollars.
  2. Ferron-48.9%: increased from 0.0003020 dollars to 0.000154 dollars.
  3. Hubii Network-38.57%: is standing by 0.239 dollars after the previous 0.147 dollars rates.
  4. Goodomy-38.27%: according to the 0.00234 dollars from earlier it is going up to 0.00145 dollars.

To be continued…

Date: 24. September 2018 03:07 AM (GMT)

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