//Bitcoin $6609.990 – CryptoCurrency Trading Report – 24.09.2018 09:08

Bitcoin $6609.990 – CryptoCurrency Trading Report – 24.09.2018 09:08

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These changes have happened in the last hour.

In the last one hour Bitcoin is leading the record of among the most popular crypto-currency in the trading ecosystem, it has an decrease of -0.33% from its previous value from 6631.875 dollars now at 6609.990 dollars exchange rate. BitcoinNext to Bitcoin is Tether in the second position on the most popular digital currency. It has a 0.33% rise on its previous trading price, that means from 0.995 dollars now become 0.998 dollars. TetherThe third place is occupied by Ethereum, with a standing value of 232.664 dollars from its previous rate of 234.233 dollars a -0.67% decrease. EthereumXRP is on the fourth place on the most popular crypto coin, the change for this currency is -2.55% decrease, that is 0.544 dollars from 0.558 dollars in the last one hour. XRPTop five on the list is claimed by Litecoin, it has a standing value of 58.201 dollars, this was after a 0.06% increase in the crypto-exchange market from 58.166dollars. LitecoinThe sixth position is EOS, the last on the list in our most popular crypto currency in the exchange market. The value reduced by -1.1% from its previous value of 5.757 dollars now it’s standing value is 5.693 dollars. EOS

The biggest stock raisings of the last one hour are:

  1. Vulcano [OLD]414.22%: rose from 0.00231 dollars to 0.0119 dollars.
  2. Escroco131.29%: increased from 0.00850 dollars to 0.0197 dollars.
  3. Abulaba119.71%: is standing by 0.090071 dollars after the previous 0.198 dollars rates.
  4. Ccore93.25%: according to the 0.0539 dollars from earlier it is going up to 0.1041 dollars.

The biggest share falls of the last one hour are:

  1. Fujinto-50%: rose from 0.00132 dollars to 0.000660 dollars.
  2. Cloud-49.66%: increased from 0.0199 dollars to 0.0100088 dollars.
  3. Darcrus-44.29%: is standing by 0.118 dollars after the previous 0.0659 dollars rates.
  4. Blocklancer-40.62%: according to the 0.00636 dollars from earlier it is going up to 0.00377 dollars.

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Date: 24. September 2018 09:08 AM (GMT)

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