//Goldman just named a new crop of partners — heres a list of the bankers that joined one of the most exclusive clubs on Wall Street

Goldman just named a new crop of partners — heres a list of the bankers that joined one of the most exclusive clubs on Wall Street

David SolomonDavid Solomon anointed a new class of partners today.REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

  • Goldman Sachs named 69 people to partner Wednesday in what is a biannual exercise. 
  • This year’s class was more diverse than in the past, made up of 26% women, the highest ever. 

Goldman Sachs has selected its latest class of partners, bestowing 69 individuals with what is one of the most sought after titles on Wall Street. 

This year’s class was 26% women. The sales and trading division, which has been struggling to adapt to post-crisis rule changes, got 28 new partners. Investment banking, the former home of CEO David Solomon, received 21. 

Goldman watchers typically examine the percentage of new partners to come from each division as a way of divining how management is thinking about the future direction of business strategy. 

Without further ado, here’s the list of the partners:

  • Philip Aldis, Securities, London
  • Margaret Chinwe Anadu, Securities, New York
  • Anthony Arnold, Merchant Banking Division, New York
  • Jacqueline Arthur, Consumer and Investment Management Division, New York
  • Farshid Asl, Consumer and Investment Management Division, New York
  • Yibo Bao, Securities, London
  • David Bicarregui, Finance, London
  • Beat Cabiallavetta, Securities, London
  • Niharika Cabiallavetta, Securities, London
  • Greg Calnon, Consumer and Investment Management Division, New York
  • Katrien Carbonez, Investment Banking Division, New York
  • Michael Casey, Investment Banking Division, Houston
  • Nikhil Choraria, Securities, London
  • Colin Convey, Investment Banking Division, New York
  • Anthony Dewell, Securities, New York
  • Arun Dhar, Securities, London
  • Sean Fan, Merchant Banking Division, Beijing
  • Jeffrey Fine, Merchant Banking Division, New York
  • Brian Friedman, Securities, New York
  • Daniel Friedman, Securities, London
  • Antonio Gatti, Investment Banking Division, London
  • Jamie Goodman, Securities, Hong Kong
  • John Greenwood, Investment Banking Division, New York
  • David Gribble, Securities, Sydney
  • Magnus Hardeberg, Investment Banking Division, Stockholm
  • Boe Hartman, Technology, New York
  • Earl Hunt, Securities, New York
  • Nell Hutton, Securities, Sydney
  • Tanweer Kabir, Securities, Hong Kong
  • Zaid Khaldi, Investment Banking Division, London
  • Tobias Koester, Investment Banking Division, Frankfurt
  • Thomas Leake, Securities, London
  • Rick Li, Securities, New York
  • Zheng Li, Investment Banking Division, Hong Kong
  • Thomas Malafronte, Securities, New York
  • Lisa Mantil, Securities, New York
  • Shogo Matsuzawa, Investment Banking Division, Tokyo
  • Heather Kennedy Miner, Executive Office, New York
  • Igor Modlin, Securities, New York
  • Steven Moffitt, Investment Banking Division, New York
  • Eric Murciano, Securities, London
  • Craig Murray, Investment Banking Division, Sydney
  • Eric Neveux, Investment Banking Division, Chicago
  • Barry O’Brien, Investment Banking Division, New York
  • Daniel Oneglia, Securities, New York
  • Andy Ozment, Technology, New York
  • Andrew Philipp, Risk, New York
  • Asahi Pompey, Compliance, New York
  • Stephanie Rader, Securities, New York
  • Radovan Radman, Securities, London
  • Akila Raman, Investment Banking Division, New York
  • Tom Riggs, Legal, New York 
  • Philip Salem, Investment Banking Division, New York
  • Laurie Schmidt, Merchant Banking Division, New York
  • Jameson Schriber, Securities, New York
  • Anshul Sehgal, Securities, New York
  • James Sinclair, Investment Banking Division, New York
  • Amit Sinha, Investment Banking Division, San Francisco
  • Anna Skoglund, Investment Banking Division, London
  • Stephanie Smith, Operations, Hong Kong
  • Richard Spencer, Merchant Banking Division, London
  • David Stark, Consumer and Investment Management Division, New York
  • Sinead Strain, Technology, New York
  • Michele Titi-Cappelli, Merchant Banking Division, London
  • Philippa Vizzone, Global Investment Research, Hong Kong
  • Ward Waltemath, Investment Banking Division, San Francisco
  • Miriam Wheeler, Investment Banking Division, New York
  • Rana Yared, Securities, New York
  • Mikhail Zlotnik, Securities, London


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