//Bookmark your favorite dapps on Coinbase Wallet

Bookmark your favorite dapps on Coinbase Wallet

Everyone has a few favorite decentralized apps (dapps) — whether it’s a collectibles game, a token trading platform, or a decentralized social network. Bookmarks have been one of our most requested features since we launched dapps on Coinbase Wallet. Now, you can bookmark your favorite dapps and see them on your Coinbase Wallet homescreen.

Add and manage your bookmarks with Coinbase Wallet.

And that’s not all we’re shipping in this update. We’ve also launched the dapp explorer — your homebase to discover the latest and greatest dapps on the decentralized web. The dapp explorer is now the default home screen in Coinbase Wallet’s browser, so go check it out now.

Use the new dapp explorer to learn, discover, and personalize your experience.

We’ve also made some usability improvements to continue providing the best user experience on the decentralized web. You can now easily switch between the browser and the wallet, without leaving the dapp you’re currently using.

Finally, with this update we’re removing chat from Coinbase Wallet. One of our product design priorities for Coinbase Wallet has been to make it easy to send crypto to friends. We have some ideas for how to do that in an even better format than chat. In the meantime, eliminating chat makes for a more streamlined experience for users looking to store crypto or explore the decentralized web. Stay tuned for updates!

We love hearing from you, our users. Your feedback helps us make Coinbase Wallet better for everyone. You can now reach us at wallet.support@coinbase.com. Please reach out with feedback or if you ever need some troubleshooting.

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